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Brief review

Snappy Fax comes with a user-friendly interface that includes drop-down menus, clearly labeled folders, and self-explanatory features. Navigating through this interface is, well, a snap. Users of all levels will enjoy what Snappy Fax has to offer, and setting up this program is also a breeze.


Since Snappy Fax is so simple to use, users of all levels will find this desktop fax program is a great solution to sending or receiving faxes. While Snappy Fax was designed for all user levels, the program does include enough sophisticated (and personalized) features for advanced users.

Main Function

If you’re looking for a program that will allow you to send and receive faxes from your desktop, Snappy Fax is the way to go. This program includes a great interface, lots of features, and gets the job done with ease. You can also use your scanner to fax any item, which makes sending out documents a lot simpler.

Extra Features

Sometimes, due to technicalities, faxes aren’t sent correctly. When this happens, you have to resend a fax – in most cases. However, Snappy Fax archives all sent faxes, so that you can simply pull up a sent fax on your desktop in order to resend that document. This one single feature puts Snappy Fax far above other programs in its category and class.


For $29.99 (a free limited trial is available), you can’t go wrong with Snappy Fax. If your goal is to send and receive faxes using an intuitive program and your desktop, this is certainly the tool for you.

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Reviewed by Danny Mills
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